• The school has authorized Paytm Wallet App as gateway for online fees collection
  • Fees payment hence forth, will be online and only through Paytm Wallet App.

Steps to pay fees:-

  1. Download Paytm AppSelect fees option
  2. Select location (Nagpur)
  3. Select School name (SevasadanSaksham School)
  4. Enter Admission No / GR No (Admission No is available on Student’s Id card)
  5. Verify Student’s Name, Class / Sec and amount to be paid

Proceed to pay with various options available in Paytm.

  • Paytm app will produce you E-receipt and school will issue receipt for the same payment.
  • In case of any difficulty, you can mail on school’s email Id: saksham.cbseschool@gmail.com with subject “FEES” ORcan call on School’s landline No-0712-2550031.

Applicable charges for online Fees payment

Transaction Processing Fee 

S. No Payment Mode Transaction Charges
2 RuPay Debit Card NILL
3 DebitCardOtherthanRuPay 0.9%of Transaction Amt
4 Credit Card 1.1%of Transaction Amt
5 Other than Paytm (Wallet) 1.5%of Transaction Amt
6 Amex 1.6%of Transaction Amt
7 Postpaid 1.85%ofTransactionAmt
8 Netbanking INR 16 per transaction


GST & Other taxes if any applicable, will be charged in addition.

Sevasadan Saksham School Poster