Session 2021 - 2022
  • The school follows CBSE curriculum for grade I to grade X. The curriculum with NCERT books are well chosen as per the recommendation of National curriculum framework. The team of subject experts in collaboration with the academic heads and subject teacher review the books before it is recommended for the students. The approach towards selection of the books is essence of the books. Content, student assessment, cost effectiveness and teaching pedagogy are taken care of.
  • They do not endorse assessment for big scores but for better understanding and lifelong learning. Emphasis is given on content understanding and knowledge rather than rote learning.
  • The assessment is basically aimed at enabling the student as well as his/her parents to know the attitude and aptitude, as well as keeping positive interest in learning, and not only aiming at passing examinations. It enables the child to develop his/her further course of studies as well as life.
  • Parents are expected to inculcate a habit of regular studies in their ward, and not to stress or burden them, at the last moment. It enables their ward to realize, understand and assimilate the subjects. Also, guide the child to relate what he/ she studies in the subject with real life situations.
  • Students are tested on each and every skill like, reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as Concepts, Activity/ Projects, Tables ,Mental Ability, Environmental understanding and protection skills, hands on activities ,etc.
  • School gives equal importance to the interest of the student & takes every possible effort to give exposure to their hidden talents.
  • We at Saksham , believe that ‘Every child is special’. Thus each one should be given equal importance. Cherishing the individuality of every child & celebrating their uniqueness are the distinguishing features of our school’s curriculum.