About Us

True to its name, Saksham, which means competent, the motto of our school is to make the child capable through education. Every activity at the School is centered around the child providing him skills to face challenges in the life and developing him or her as a successful individual.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment in which all members of the school community can grow in confidence and develop their full potential. We will maintain high expectations and promote academic excellence for all students. Students are empowered to meet future challenges and to develop social awareness, civic responsibility and personal growth to make them active and informed participants in the global community.

Our Vision

The Sevasadan Saksham School has been started with a purpose to inculcate moral values, self –discipline, empathy & all aspects of formal education for the overall development of young students. The school has it’s own theme “My School” & “Rise above self ’’ to achieve the purpose of character building. The school aims to create strong moral character & self-reliant human beings through its curriculum, co-curricular activities & congenial environment.

The School Guides The Students

  • To be liberal & avoid selfishness
  • To maintain a high moral Character.
  • To be prepared to help others in need.
  • To be honest and maintain absolute integrity.
  • To be kind and gentle.
  • To be free from hatred of any kind.
  • To practice patience.
  • To respect the opinion of others.

Patron's Message

“Education is the foundation of all progress. The entire purpose of education is not merely imparting bookish knowledge but to inculcate moral values and build up humanitarian character, in turn to become an ideal citizens of the nation.
The seeds of an idea to start Sevasadan Saksham School was enforced with the vision to impart non-commercialized, value and moral based education in heart of the city.
Our vision is to create the generation which be fully prepared to face all challenges. Academic excellence along with co-curricular activities and strict discipline will lead to overall development and groom the personality of the students.
Our aim is to pay back to the society by providing best platform for the school education and build a resourceful individual for family, society and nation.To empower children to become active participants in the transformation of their society and nation is the vision behind nomenclature of the school as, ”SAKSHAM”.”

-Mrs. Kanchan Tai Gadkari


“A school should be a temple for learning. Learning means acquiring skills for living a meaningful life, with respect, responsibility and civility. In order to develop a personality, a human being is ought, to be honest, sincere, obedient, hardworking and adequately qualified academically.
However, passing an exam or two will not be sufficient.He/she must aspire to acquire concepts in the subject he/she wants to learn. Not needed to record here, a person must be morally and ethically very high and must possess etiquettes, manners and purity.”

-Mr. S.M.Joshi

(Executive Director)

“Passion, Patience, Perseverance are the 3P’s that are truly experienced at our school Saksham. The word Saksham means to search for self-potential, which is authentically followed in word and spirit. The school is a blend of scholastic and co-scholastic development of every child. The strong team fosters pedagogy considering the rapid changes in the surrounding, thus preparing the students not only for livelihood but with a strong foundation for a purposeful life. It is said ‘Train the child you want him/her to go and he/she will not depart from the way’, which can truly be achieved as moral values along with life skills are exercised regularly. The school encourages every child to fly high as per one’s potential but ensures that they are always deeply rooted in our culture and tradition.”

-Mrs. Padmaja Marathe


Our Prime Features

Comprehensive program to foster patriotic feelings
Personalized learning to empower students
Exposure to reading & writing readiness
Enlightening children with the flame of ethical behaviour
Serene & Stimulating learning environment
Secure physical development of each child
Develop a well-rounded personality
Facilitate the child's quest for knowledge