Achievement Reports

School events during the session 2019-20

7th May 2019

School conducted sensitization and legal awareness workshop on child sexual abuse, POCSO Act, 2012 and Juvenile Justice Act, and orientation on Project CACA for its teachers and non-teaching staff with support from an NGO SAF Social Axiom Foundation (; Fortis Healthcare; and District and State Legal Services Authority. The workshops were conducted as part of Project CACA that the school has implemented in the school to empower its students against child sexual abuse. The key highlights of the workshop were – The legal awareness on POCSO Act, 2012 and Juvenile Justice Act and was conducted by Mr. Pradeep, Project Director, Project CACA. The sensitisation workshop on Psychological aspects of Child Sexual Abuse which was also conducted by Ms. Nishtha Narula, Counselling Psychologist from Delhi.

12th July 2019

In co-ordination with Kids for Tiger club , Our School hosted a workshop on 12 th July 2019, for the teachers of various schools of Nagpur . It was just a small initiative to contribute a little towards creating awareness regarding our environment.
The resource persons were few of the renowned environmentalists from various fields, who are devotedly engaged in spreading awareness regarding the
importance of saving our nature, in every possible way. The session began with the plantation of sapling followed by presentation of
song by our dear children.
Teachers got enlightened by the knowledge related to our environment, our
mother Earth & various species found here, who help us directly or indirectly.

29th July 2019

To mark the celebration of Global Tiger’s Day, School conducted special assembly to create awareness amongst the younger generation on saving the tigers.
The central theme was :
Tiger – A Beacon of Hope. Students came forward & shared their views on this theme. They also took out a rally with the slogans to spread the message for saving our Tigers..

30th July 2019

School students were invited by Akashwani, Nagpur to present their talents for performance in the Balvihar program. Students elaborated the journey of the school since its inception in 2017. They also briefed about the four houses of the school – Shivaji, Tagore, Ashoka & Raman giving concise introduction of life of these stalwarts. The program also gave a platform for the students to exhibit their musical acumen both vocal & instrumental. Around 17 students participated in this programme. It gave them a memorable learning experience & they got the opportunity to witness the recording process & gained information about acoustics.

15th August 2019

School celebrated Independence Day on 15 th August 2019 with great enthusiasm and fervour.The students showcased an array of presentations in the form of patriotic songs ,speeches & drills. The Chief Guest Major Shivani Parmar in her address explained about the freedom struggle leading to the Independence of the nation and motivated the students. She encouraged the students to work hard towards building India as a strong nation.

28th August 2019

As a part of educational excursion, students of Std.V visited Raman Science Centre. Students spend the whole day in play with hands-on exhibits – press lever, turn wheels, roll balls, pull strings make science work & enjoy. Students discovered the different concept of science as fun.

5th September 2019

Under the able guidance of Std. IX students, a program was presented by the students of Std.VII & VIII. They got the opportunity to express their views & explore their talents through speeches, poems, dances & songs . It was a proud privilege to witness the students performing all their duties with responsibility.

25th September 2019

Discussions are an integral part of doing science. The direct & engaging experience of hands-on inquiry based science draw out students’ sense of wonder & readily lend themselves to conversation. With this thought a Science Talk was organised on 25 th September 2019. The speaker of the talk was an eminent personality Mr.Hemant Pande (Past Head of Chemistry Department, Hislop College, Nagpur). He explored students vision towards creating scientific projects.The talk also provided opportunity to clarify thoughts, generate conclusions, develop theories & ask new questions.

26th September 2019

Students of Std. IX visited CSIR-NEERI (National Environmental Engineering Research Institute)The purpose of the visit was to make students aware about recent R and D activities related to environmental issues & how they are carried out in Government Research Institution. The visit gave an opportunity to understand research & innovations in environmental science & broaden their understanding for science.

21st October 2019 – 23rd October 2019

As a part of educational excursion, students of Std.VIII & IX went to Kanha. They got the opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty to the fullest. Also got the chance to remain close to nature. They spent time together with their classmates, helped each other, learnt the importance of caring, sharing & being independent.

23rd October 2019

Deepawali Celebration by the students of Std.I to Std.V. The importance of Deepawali festival was depicted precisely by the little ones in the form of tableaus. The purpose was to make the students understand the real essence of this religious festival celebrated which is celebrated with enthusiasm all over the country. Diwali is also known as festival of lights. So as a part of Deepawali festival school conducted the akashdeep making competition for the students of Std.V & VI. Students made beautiful akashdeeps & as an appreciation for their wonderful creativity the best ones were awarded with prizes.

28th November 2019

Students of Std,VI to Std.IX visited ‘Apurva Vigyan Mela-2019’. A science exhibition where students showcased about hundred models which simplified some of the complicated scientific topics with brilliant day today examples. The students got the opportunity to learn the basic principles with the zeal of interest. This also developed students interest and curiosity further.

18th December 2019

GPO visit for the Cabinet Members. On behalf of the students of Std. I to Std. V, the school cabinet members
posted the greeting card made by the students for their parents .

19th December 2019 & 20th December 2019

School celebrated its annual day with unprecedented fanfare on 19 th December 2019 (Std. I-V) and 20 th December 2019 (Std.VI-IX) at the school premises. Dr.Suruchi Dabir, lecturer of VMV College ,Nagpur and Dr. Vinod Indurkar , Director of Natraj Art and Culture Centre , Nagpur were the Chief Guests for the functions respectively. Students worked hard to explore their talents through performing arts. With great enthusiasm students presented Dances, Drama, Mime, songs flawlessly. It helped them to gain confidence for stage performance.

14th January 2020 & 16 th January 2020

14 th January 2020 – Educational excursion for the juniors (Std.I to Std. V)
Students visited Cherry Farms & enjoyed the adventurous activities.
16 th January 2020 – Educational Excursion for the Seniors (Std. VI to Std.VIII)
Students visited Mosaic Adventure Park & enjoyed to the fullest during the adventurous activities.
Along with adventurous activities , both the days students got the opportunity to spend time together with their classmates, they helped each other, learnt the importance of caring & sharing.

26th January 2020

India’s 71 st Republic Day was celebrated in the school with all gaiety and enthusiasm .Brig.Suhaas Kulkarni was the Chief Guest for the function. The students were all drenched in the patriotic spirit and all the presentations added colours to the festivity. The students expressed their thoughts on the day eloquently and pledged to take the nation on its pinnacle and as a super power with their commitment and zeal.
The students also presented a patriotic song which evoked a sense of unity and brotherhood. The Chief Guest in his speech emphasized on the fact that the
security of the nation lies in the hands of every individual. So it is the duty, not only of the soldiers but also of every Indian to safeguard the national interest and commit himself to make this nation a super power.

15th February 2020

Art is the medium of gives shape to our emotions. Craft is equally important for our lives. It enhances our creativity. Students have immense creativity & they also know to express themselves through their art works in a beautiful way. To showcase their talents, school had organised an Art & Craft exhibition. Students worked hard to present their best & felt themselves privileged when
the Chief Guest Mr. Vinod Mankar ( Dean- Govt. College of Art & Design ) appreciated their beautiful art & craft works. In his speech Mr. Mankar motivated the students to work with freedom, to express themselves. He also appealed to the parents to help the children in choosing the field of their interest so that he/she can excel in it. He mentioned that art plays a vital role in one’s it helps to become a perfect human being.

29th February 2020

A science exhibition “SPECTRUM” was organized on 29 th February, 2020 as a part of National Science Day celebration.
Students from Std.VI to Std.VIII had made still models and working models, charts and posters to present different topics of Physics, Chemistry,
Human Physiology, Environment and Mathematics. The students showcased models that can be used for learning various scientific concepts. Their
enthusiasm was palpable and preparation was absolute. Dr. Dilip Deshpande Ex Reader in Physics, VMV Commerce, JMT Arts and JJP Science College,
Nagpur and Ex- Director, PCD Institute of Computer Studies and Research, VMV Campus was the Chief Guest of the function. He patiently heard the
students, asked them about the scientific concepts forming the foundation of the models and appreciated them for their efforts. Students were encouraged to
develop scientific fervor and an attitude of research mindedness.

7th March 2020

In association with SSSMV’s Prayogvan, an interactive awareness talk on Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) was organised. Mrs.Trupti Patil was the speaker of the programme.The event was aimed to spread the awareness about COVID-19 and precautionary measures for the same so as to minimize health risks & contribute towards the creation of healthy society.